This page tells you a little about each therapy offered at Nottingham Therapy.

You can use this page to work out which therapy you’d like to have. Don’t worry if you don’t know which one you need, because when we meet we can work it out between us. Often we would use one main approach, but may draw from other types of therapy as needed. 

Please do email, text, or call, with any questions.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Our thoughts and feelings affect how we behave.
  • Our behaviours affect how we feel. So does what we think about.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a form of mind-management. It is a way os understanding how and why you get triggered into certain states (that lead to behaviours, thoughts or feelings or physical symptoms that you do not want). But with CBT the focus is on moving forward to bring about something different to make your life and/or relationships and situations better.



Psychotherapy is like a loop.

  • Firstly, you’ll clarify the underlying recurrent theme(s) that lie beneath the problem that you want to resolve in your life at the moment.
  • Secondly, you make connections that help you to understand the ways that feed, or maintain, the problem.
  • Lastly, new perspectives are gained about past and present situations, and these are integrated into your whole outlook.

This loop happens over and over in psychotherapy and, as a result, you evolve. You find yourself becoming more and more free of the problems that you first came along with. Life gets better and better.

You may also want to read Transactional Analysis



Talking. Counselling is all about talking.

You’ll tell me about it all, and I’ll be there for you. You are free to express all of your feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions. You may need some help with this. We can work it out at your own pace. When you’re ready we’ll go through options. The goal is to once again become aware of your strengths and regain those feelings of confidence and happiness that everyone has a right to feel.



Breaking habits, living life more effectively, ridding yourself of unwanted feelings. What about attaining goals, getting better results, making new pathways to success, reaching more desirable outcomes?

Interested? Then NLP is for you.



Coaching is about three things.

  1. Firstly, attaining clarification or the problem to be solved so that you can see the outcome that needs to happen.
  2. Secondly, designing a plan to reach the outcomes
  3. Taking action

I cannot stress point 3 enough. Without taking action, you’re just talking a problem over. So, a big part of the coaching process is the benefits of accountability to your coach and your processes and goals.


Anger Management 

is for people who have let their aggressiveness or angry outburst get the better of them. It may be that it has caused a problem at work or home, and other people are now fed up of you and asking you to do something about it. Or it might be that you feel terrible and/or remorseful about the ways you have responded.

When you come to sessions, we will find out what was going on for you (your side of the story) and work out a way of responding that brings you better results.


Couples counselling / Relationship Therapy 

This is where you would come along to the sessions together. (if you would like to talk about your relationship without your partner being present, you may want to look at counselling or transactional analysis sessions instead)

All couples are very different and want different things from coming here. In the first instance I need to discover what your needs are, and also find out whats been going wrong for you as a couple, or in what ways you would like to move forward. I will then discover why you haven’t moved forward already, and use ways to bring this about.

The sessions are relaxed and friendly. I’m not there to judge. It’s about helping you to understand yourselves, and each other and engage in ways that brings out the results you want.


Stress Management.

If you know you’re suffering from stress I can help you. The approaches we would take may involve, CBT, counselling, Anger Management, NLP, or coaching. It might also involve relaxation techniques, but I prefer to get to the causes and resolve them or reduce their impact, so that is where the main focus would be. You don’t have to suffer. Changes can be made and you’ll be better for it.


Reading this page will be very inspiring for you as you know that its time for you to make positive changes and get the results that you dream of and this page will have given you more insight to the options available. However, a field cannot be ploughed by merely thinking it over. Take charge of your life and make that life-enhancing call today.

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