Vauna Beauvais is also your local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

Award-Winning and a Cambridge Champion (one of the top in the UK) as well as a passionate Team Leader of other Cambridge Consultants, Vauna is now a counsellor with Cambridge weight plan, in Nottingham (formerly Cambridge Diet)

YOU can have individual sessions with personal coaching and counselling for your dieting weight loss success.

Personal Consultations are FREE – call, email or text today.

Getting The Best Weight Loss Plan for You
There are many Slimming plans with Cambridge Weight Plan. Together, we take into account:

  • your medical history and current health
  • the results that you want to achieve
  • the things that you are prepared to do to achieve what you want
  • your lifestyle and situations

This will enable me to assess the best plan(s) for you and provide you with that detailed information and the options.


How Do I Go Ahead?

Every week you get a free coaching and counselling session, along with your Cambridge Weight Plan purchases, along with the official support materials.

We review your week, – celebrate achievements and acknowledge challenges.
We assess and plan for the following week (sometimes, no two weeks are the same) .


What Results Will I Get?

The main aim is to get you on a plan that is working for you so that you achieve your desired results.
I am very knowledgeable about the Cambridge weight plans and products. I have used them myself to lose 3 dress sizes, so I know I can help you to do it.

I work on good referrals. When you succeed, my business succeeds. – And, like my psychotherapy practice, I care about helping people and I protect a good reputation.

Ive helped a lot of people become slimmer and happier.


I Can Help You Do It