Neurolinguistic Programming NLP Nottingham Therapy

NLP techniques are useful to manage your own mind to make positive changes that generate new possibilities and opportunities in your life

Anyone who has the desire to have a more fulfilling life will benefit from NLP.

NLP enhances skills and knowledge with specific tools and strategies which helps achieve personal, business or career goals.

We successfully use NLP for personal achievement, self growth & empowerment and for huge success.

Do you want to:

  • Be your best?
  • Set and achieve goals?
  • Become motivated?
  • Be a positive thinker?
  • Have an optimistic outlook?

Using NLP can

  • Increase confidence
  • Improve performance
  • Help with creativity to generate new options and new ideas.

Anyone who has the desire to have a more fulfilling life will benefit from NLP.

Here are some things you can do with NLP:

  • Improve performance by identifying what limits you
  • Model human excellence, (i.e. the best of feelings and behaviours) and transfer that excellence over to you (You can identify what makes someone exceptionally skilled, and get the skill for yourself)
  • Change the impact of the past
  • Resolve inner conflicts
  • Improve from poor performance into good performance
  • Banish bad habits
  • Create positive habits
  • Influence others by having improved and specialist communication skills
  • Create a Compelling furture for yourself to walk into

With NLP, results are the bottom line, and you choose the specific application, depending on your interests and goals

NLP is about changing the state of mind and body that we use in various situations.

So imagine if we could choose the right state to bring about the right thought, feelings, reactions, actions and behaviour, whenever we wanted to.

Can you now imagine how your performance or responses would be altered to make your life better?
We CAN do this, with the methodologies of NLP.

A trained and qualified therapist can facilitate you to bring these changes to your life.

Additionally, if you wish, you can take the secret of these methodologies home and reinforce them further – or apply them to different areas of your life.

The changes are literally in your hands!


Some examples of results that I have made with clients, using NLP:
(in the actual therapy session – no homework needed)

  • Increased income dramatically by changing NLP coaching
  • Got results the client really wanted in life, instead of always settling for less.
  • Broken unwanted habits and patterns by clearing up the root cause.
  • Improved relationships with others so the client now has ones that are positive and supportive.
  • Eliminated the emotional charge of past events that was holding a client back.
  • Released subconscious blocks by letting go of past negative decisions and beliefs.
  • Enabled clients to make the right decisions that supported their highest goals, values, and dreams.
  • Used specific techniques to help clients clarify their goals; and employed many successful strategies to achieve them.
  • Used a powerful way that has resolved conflicts that clients have had internally within the self – and enabled them to become congruent, i.e. thoughts feelings and behaviours are now in line with what they want and what they believe in.
  • Many clients overcame procrastination, depression and any other “stuck” mental states and moved forward to a life more joyous and free.
  • Structured clients language so that they enjoyed and benefited from creating only positive mental impressions.
  • Taught clients how to use questions which quickly changed their emotional state into one of positivity.
  • Accessed and built client personal resources and enabled them to draw on them at any time.

Plus – many, many, many, clients gained control of their emotions, behaviours & decisions, and ultimately their life!

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