Booking Sessions:

Congratulations on thinking about making an appointment.
I hope that you’ll agree that coming to see me is an excellent way of getting your issues resolved.

Regardless of which therapy you choose, all sessions last for an hour from the agreed starting time.


4 Sessions

4 x 1 Hour
  • Save £20

6 Sessions

6 x 1 Hour
  • Save £40

8 Sessions

8 x 1 Hour
  • Save £70

How many sessions you may want or need will be fully explored in the first session so that you know which level of investment in terms of time and money will get which level of results to make your life better.


And then you are in a position to make an informed decision about whether, and on what basis, to go forward.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellations require 48 hours notice

Package Sessions to be taken within 12 months of purchase date and are not transferrable. Any request for refund for usused sessions will not be given in cash, but can be given by bank transfer. Refunds are subject to a 40% handling and admin charge

If packages are paid for in advance by a third party, e.g. insurance company, no cash refund for unused sessions will be given. Refunds will be given to the original payee, on written request of it, and are subject to a 40% handling and admin charge.

Sessions are payable at the time of booking them, and must be cancelled or changed within 36 hours, otherwise full payment is due.