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Counselling NottinghamNottingham Therapy provide a comprehensive counselling service, tailored to help with a variety of issues. This page answers some of your questions and helps you to get a sense of what counselling will be like.

By learning more about it you can decide whether counselling is for you, however, if you would like further information about my counselling services in Nottingham then please do call me confidentially – or text me on 07528 389 848 or email us via our contact form here.

It’s Good to Talk
Talking Works!

Taking The First Step
When you have a problem that’s causing you distress or upset, going to a counsellor means that you are taking the first step towards solving the problem

Congratulate yourself!

Because by the time that you walk into the counsellor’s room, you’re 40% there. And after you sit down and utter the first word, you can relax, the worst is genuinely over.

From that point on, it’s only going to get better! Why? Because you have a dedicated trustworthy person, who is completely on your side, bound by confidentiality, and who is there to understand you and will help you figure things out.

Coming to see someone who specialises in emotional distress makes sense.

We are realising more and more that we get better results quicker when we pay to see an expert.

I have been a counsellor since 2001, in private practice (including four years in the NHS as a counsellor and psychotherapist in doctors surgeries).
I’ve met lots and lots of people in the counselling situation and have helped them to reduce confusion, understand or express feelings, relieve pressure, uncover solutions and resolve all kinds of diverse and different problems.
I care about people, and I am happy to put all of my skills and experience to use in being with you to resolve your difficulties. The fact that you pay me a fee, means that we are doing something for each other and that makes it a two-way process between equals.
What Happens in The Sessions?

You can let me know what’s wrong or how you are feeling.

When the time is right, we’ll find out how you really want things to be instead (sometimes you won’t know the answer to that, so we’ll take some time to explore and discover).

It will just sound like conversation.

That’s the beauty of your counsellor being highly trained. Although I’ll be hard at work, it’ll feel like we’re just chatting.
We will go at your pace, as well. Some people like to get to the bottom of things quickly; other people find that they like to let out a little bit at a time. Neither way is any better than the other. Both ways work.

The way difficulties affect us is so individual.

You might be under pressure, or stress, or maybe something has happened to you, or is happening at the moment. Or even something that you anticipate happening is worrying you or causing sadness or distress. It may be that you may have no idea how to handle it. Perhaps you’ve started to deal with it and its thrown up more problems.

You can share your ideas and bounce them around with me.

Maybe you need to explore options and consequences together, in real depth.

It could be that you need to understand or express some feelings that you can’t share with family or friends.

All of these scenarios are possibilities. Everyone is individual and things affect people in different ways.

What could be a hiccup to one person might be a major rift to someone else. It can all depend on what else you’ve been through.

We will get to where you need to go to resolve the issue.

  • As well as speaking of where you think you fail, you might be surprised to become aware of your skills and strengths again.
  • And as well as sharing the pain of things failing you, it’s likely that you’ll recover and rediscover fulfilment & joy.

It may seem so far off now, that you just can’t imagine how.

Well, there are many possible avenues for us to go down as we get talking.

The route is created between us as we go through our sessions.

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